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Kaizoku Baka - The Idiot Pirate

(subtitled for the aaarrr impaired)

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User Number: 8534693
Date Created:2005-10-05
Number of Posts: 56

(n) :: Educationally-masochistic undergraduate student plowing toward higher academia. Favorite time and wealth sinkholes include but are not limited to: bibliography bingo, researching latest intrigue-of-the-week, sacrificing worldly wealth to amazon.com, manga, skiing, extensive novel perusing.
Strengths: organized, loyal, nerdtastic
Weaknesses: fear of bad grades, wheat
Special Skills: library ninja, research-fu, extensive knowledge of English literature and Edwardian Britain
Weapons: attack cat, idle prattle on esoteric subjects (bores victims to death), garlic
Catchphrase: "Wow, that makes me want to write poetry, or maybe bake a ham. It's hard to tell these urges apart."
Alliance: Neutral (grey robes)
Transformation Sequence: Nap.

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