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alexandre dumas, alternative cinema, amvs, anime, antique bakery, atheism, backcountry skiing, backpacking, banana fish, biking, books, british history, byronic heroes, cats, crafts, dragons, e m forster, eikoku koi monogatari emma, ellen kushner, ferrets, folk music, folklore, foreign culture, full moon wo sagashite, geoffrey of monmouth, german language, griffins, guitar, history, independent bookstores, jane austen, japanese language, jdrama, kimi wa petto, knitting, lewis carroll, life, lynn flewelling, magic users club, malory, manga, margaret weis, musicals, mythology, nana, nanowrimo, obscure music, old school star wars, one piece, oscar wilde, pirates, prince of tennis, quizilla, sailor moon, skiing, slash, slayers, sociocultural evolution, star trek, star trek voyager, sugar, tamora pierce, the bloomsbury group, the three musketeers, travel, twelve kingdoms, usula le guin, virgina woolf, wilderness, writing

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Date Created:2005-10-05
Number of Posts: 56

(n) :: Educationally-masochistic undergraduate student plowing toward higher academia. Favorite time and wealth sinkholes include but are not limited to: bibliography bingo, researching latest intrigue-of-the-week, sacrificing worldly wealth to amazon.com, manga, skiing, extensive novel perusing.
Strengths: organized, loyal, nerdtastic
Weaknesses: fear of bad grades, wheat
Special Skills: library ninja, research-fu, extensive knowledge of English literature and Edwardian Britain
Weapons: attack cat, idle prattle on esoteric subjects (bores victims to death), garlic
Catchphrase: "Wow, that makes me want to write poetry, or maybe bake a ham. It's hard to tell these urges apart."
Alliance: Neutral (grey robes)
Transformation Sequence: Nap.

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